Ninigret Quilters is an organization for quilters of all abilities in the Rhode Island and southeastern Connecticut area. We meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the Westerly Senior Center, 39 State Street, Westerly, Rhode Island (Google Maps) to share our common passion of quilting. Guests and new members are always welcome!

Our next meeting will be held on October 10, 2017. Our program will preview the entries for our quilt show scheduled for October 13, 14, 15 at the Westerly Armory.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

September 2017

Our September speaker was Michelle Banton of Little Pup Designs.
Her presentation revealed the stories behind the Quilt Market.
The Quilt Market is held every October in Houson, Texas
and presents the latest and greatest ideas in the Quilting World
to industry professionals only. 

Quilt market includes several days of booths, beginning with a day of seminars
called 'SchoolHouse'. Designers and manufacturers use the Schoolhouse
presentations to garner buzz about their new fabric lines and ideas.
The bottom line for all participants is what will sell.
There are giveaways, lookbooks, a Sample Spree where you can purchase new lines
and lots of incredible booths designed to catch the attention of shop owners
so they will push the lines to their customers.

The week after Quilt Market has the Quilt Festival in the same Houston location.
There are also other Quilt Festival sites.
These are open to regular customers rather than restricted to professionals.
Sounds like fun.
Thanks for the look behind the scenes Michelle!

Show & Tell

Ginny G made this quilt in two weeks as a going to college gift for her neighbor's daughter.
The request was for a beach themed quilt in pink and grey.
Ginny did this using the Quilt as You Go method.

Betsey W used a Worlds Fair Block from 1933 to
make this quilt for a baby girl.  Betsey machine quilted this one.
Once the binding is complete, this will be gifted well
before our next meeting.

Donna made these two quilts for her Tour Guide in the Azores.
This first one was from a pattern she bought at the Bayberry Quilt Show on Cape Cod.
It was called Summertime Quilt.

 Donna made this second quilt for her Tour Guides Father.
It used the Pineapple Blossom pattern from Bonnie Hunter.

Jennifer presented #8 in her series of quilts for her loved ones.
This one is for her Mother In Law and is entitled
Seas the Day.

Susan Webb took a workshop at Ryko and made this quilt.

Molly O made this Color Me baby quilt from an Emily Herrick pattern.
It will be gifted to the first child of an elementary school teacher
who is a friend of her daughter.

Enjoy and Keep on Quilting!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

August 2017

August 8, 2017
Our speaker for August was Kathie Beltz who presented a lecture and
trunk show entitled "Easy Color for Quilters".

 Kathie is based in New Hampshire and began quilting in 1995.
She is a Studio 180 certified instructor and has been
a Quilt Judge since 2005.

 Kathie refers to her first quilt as "Lost Stars".
She took scraps of fabric and made star blocks.
Unfortunately,  the stars disappeared because she did not
consider color placement and value.
 This quilt spurred Kathie's study of color theory.

Kathie discussed the use of the color wheel
in choosing fabrics for our quilts and
distributed handouts for practice exercises.

 Kathie discussed the various 'color harmonies' that can be employed.
She focused on monochromatic, complementary, analogous and
rainbow harmonies, along with variation in neutrals,
backgrounds and color values.

 Here is a monochromatic quilt using shades of brown with a light neutral. 
She notes that most precut packages have a single value.

 This monochromatic sample was made during a Michele O'Neil Kincaid workshop
employing various reds with two neutrals. Kathie separated the cherry reds from the
raspberry reds to make these two poppies pop.

 Complementary colors are opposite one another on the wheel.
For example this purple and yellow quilt.

Here we have shades of complementary colors with an accent. 
Kathie originally tried a lime green, but
the tone was too close to the yellow.
This true green worked better.
Unfortunately the 7 different
yellows don't pop unless you
are very close.

This version of the same quilt allowed the 7 different shades of orange to pop.
The same color variety is present
in the quilting thread as well.

This blue, blue green and green with two different backgrounds is an
example of an analogous color scheme.
Analogous colors are close to one another on the wheel.

This is an example of a triad color scheme. 
Triad colors form an equilateral triangle on the color wheel.

Rainbow color schemes. 
employ all the colors on the wheel.
Refraction is a rainbow using black as the neutral.

Skyfall is another rainbow scheme.
It was featured in Quilter News and has 58 different stars. 
Kathie made the upper left stars darker
and smaller, growing to larger and brighter 
stars as you approach the lower right to give more perspective.  

This Hunter Star is an example of high contrast between light and dark values.

Kathie's guild had a crayon challenge. Kathie chose a chocolate brown crayon
which she paired with two neutrals, a black and a white.

Switching the background can be very effective as seen in this complementary
color scheme with varying backgrounds.

 Thank you Kathie for a very informative evening!

 Habitat for Humanity
Tora presented our most recently completed Habitat for Humanity quilts.


Show & Tell


Kathy T completed a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt.
Bonnie specifies paint chip colors which you match
to fabrics, then you receive directions for
a block each month with no idea of the final project.

Kathy also paper pieced two Elizabeth Hartman hedgehogs
for pillows for Christmas.

Betsey W made this beauty for her grandson.
All hand quilted!

Noreen took a Ryko workshop and made this lovely quilt.

Noreen also took a Carol K workshop
and completed this cool quilt.

Jane L made a pair of quilts for a new baby boy
and a doll size quilt for his big sister.

Jane L also completed her first Jelly Roll quilt.

Linda K made these matching quilts for grandchildren in Abu Dhabi.

Cheryl completed a quilt from the swap blocks we collected last year.

Ellie C. completed this lovely quilt that we all identified 
as using analogous colors with tints!

Emily displayed her gorgeous Chakra Quilt!

Sue C. completed this amazing Bloomin' Nine Patch.

Thank you one and all!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

July 2017

 We enjoyed a lovely potluck dinner, which I failed to photograph. Here's show & tell!

Barbara Chojnacki answered the call to design a quilt based on the knitted Welcome Blanket. Her pattern can be made from two 5/8 yard cuts of fabric. You can find the patterns and more information about the Welcome Blanket project here. The deadline to donate blankets or quilts for refugees is September 5. The quilts will be displayed in a gallery exhibit in Chicago through the end of the year.

Barbara also challenged herself to create this quilt with five one-yard cuts.

 Erin made a fun snowflake pillow using this tutorial by Crazy Mom Quilts. Christmas in July?

 Ellie started this quilt with a free pattern by Tula Pink. She thought the center was OK, but needed more, so she added the great borders and applique.

Ellie also made this little wall hanging of beets. A reminder to eat your veggies?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June Meeting

June 13, 2017


Terri Sontra of Purple Moose Designs presented 
The History of the Sewing Machine: A Tale of Intrigue and Espionage.

 Terri led us through the multiple patent filings beginning in 1755 that led to the current sewing machine. Early patent filings were lost in various patent offices but covered pieces of what became our modern machine. Elias Howe was the first to file a clear patent on a machine that unfortunately did not work, but contained several ideas that were brought to fruition by later machinists.  Mr Howe's patent held up in court and led to a lifetime of licensing fees for Mr Howe. In 1856 Howe, Singer and Potter pooled their patents and formed the Sewing Machine Combination which collected licensing fees until the patents expired in 1877.   

Terri brought along some of her favorite antique sewing machines,
including this portable machine for use while traveling. 
It is lso shown above in Terri's hand.

This attachment kit was included with some of the early Singer machines. 
The box folds together to form a compact carry case. Singer also introduced several 
sales techniques that are still common today including the 1. gradual payment plan, 
2) in home trials, 3.) first skyscraper, 4) trade-ins (they would take any machine in trade, 
but then they would destroy the competitors machine, 5) first multi national corporation, 
6) first to spend 1 million dollars in one year of advertising. 7) first to utilize mass 
production. The Singer name was more well known than any other in its time. 
And lastly, Singer's wife modeled for the Statue of Liberty.
Thanks for the fun Terri!

Habitat for Humanity

Show & Tell

Tina C. made this for her son's girlfriend's graduation from college.

She used this lovely ombre for the backing.

Tina made this baby quilt for her niece in California's first baby.
He is due soon and her niece requested whales.

The whale theme continued on the backing.

Tina can't stand to waste scraps so she made a mug mat.

And some burp cloths.

Barbara C used the same block pattern to make three 
different quilts. The first used three fabrics.

The second (pink) used 5 fabrics and 
the third (blue and brown) used 4 fabrics.

Betsey W did a fun setting of the exchange block from last year 
and then hand quilted the result. Lovely!

Carol B made a Jenny Beyer Crayon box quilt kit.

Grazina K displayed her hoopsisters embroidery quilt.
There are 8 layers of materials in some of those blocks!

Here is the back of Grazina's quilt.

Catherine D displayed one of the books she creates while making a quilt for her
grandchildren. This book chronicles the creation of the quilt from choosing the
fabric to final placement on the bed. Neat idea!

Margaret S made this Bonnie Hunter 
Pineapple Blossom quilt for a High School 
graduation gift. It comes with a matching pillowcase.

Pat G completed a Joann's Fabric's Block of the Month from 10 years ago.

Pat included a few of our challenge blocks from last year.

Pat G also displayed her 'doily quilt'. This work of love has been assembled from
favorite doilies from family and friends and was hand quilted by Pat.

Here is some detail of Pat's doily quilt.

Cindy V made this batik beauty for her brother's birthday. 
She added sashing to the pattern and used the one/two 
binding trick taught at last months member demos.

Enjoy your summer!!