Ninigret Quilters is an organization for quilters of all abilities in the Rhode Island and southeastern Connecticut area. We meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the Westerly Senior Center, 39 State Street, Westerly, Rhode Island (Google Maps) to share our common passion of quilting. Guests and new members are always welcome!

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 15th. We will have our Members Yard Sale. Sign up for a table!!

Friday, October 14, 2016

October, 2016

October 2016 Meeting

Our speaker on October 11th was Adele Scott of Adele Scott Designs. 
Her presentation was titled 'My favorite tips, techniques and products'. 

Our members enjoyed looking at (and purchasing) fun new tools.

Adele presented several quilts that showcased the use of her favorite tools. 

Adele illustrated the use of several rulers designed to make precise angled cuts.
These rulers included 90, 60, and 45 degree options.

Adele reviewed her favorite tools to mark, cut, and pin quilts as well 
as tools designed for accurate piecing and free-motion quilting. 
After her demonstration, our members enjoyed selecting from
Adele's extensive selection of tools.
Thank you Adele!

Big E Winner

Charlie M won Second Place at the Big E with his lovely quilt!
Charlie convinced all of us that entering a quilt at the Big E is a great idea.

Show & Tell

Ginny G made this Mermaid Quilt for her First Grandchild.
This is her first attempt at Free Motion Machine Quilting.

Jane L assembled these two quilts from her stash of four-patches. 
Bonnie Hunter inspired Jane to put her stash to use.

Mary K made this Attic Window variation from Halloween Fabrics. 
She calls it 'Dancing on the Gates of Hell'.

Pat G made a table topper and place mats. 
She donated the topper to one of the raffle baskets for our upcoming Quilt Show.

Linda K made this fun quilt from a Moda postcard pattern out of 5" squares.

Donna M's first applique quilt featured blocks of the month plus a center motif she designed herself. April Gilroy did the machine quilting.

Donna M also made this creative quilt using her 'trash stash'.

Susan R made this pair of Jenny Doans Sticks & Stones quilts.

Susan R also made this cozy Minky flannel quilt for her sister.

Nancy B visited Charlestown, SC and made this lovely memento based on a photograph.

Tina C figured out a perfect setting for three rounds 
of swap blocks by modifying a layout she saw on Instagram.

Thank you and Keep On Quilting!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September 2016 Meeting

Our speaker for the September 13th meeting was Bonnie Hunter

Her talk was titled Scraps & Shirttails.  Bonnie gave an inspiring talk and shared her books, tools and energy with our Guild.  Bonnie introduced us to her system to maximize the use of your fabric and minimize the time spent cutting, ironing and organizing.

Bonnie cuts anything smaller than half a fat quarter into usable strip sizes, then stores them by size and color family. When she designs a quilt, she uses her standard sizes and pulls from her prepared stash. This means she spends as little time at the ironing table and cutting board as possible. And she is able to create gorgeous scrappy quilts.

She saves all crumbs and strings for use in string quilts as all those tiny scraps also cost 11.99/yard.  Blue Skies is featured in her book String Fling. The strings range from 3/4 to 2" in width with 2.5" strips offset by half square triangles from her yellow and blue stash.

 Bonnie likes to design her quilts on graph paper then arrange the fabrics emphasizing the color and value. Neutrals are an important part of Bonnie's design esthetic. She calls neutrals any low volume fabrics with a background of white, cream, beige, tan, or grey to the value of a brown paper bag. Anything darker is in the color piles.  Her Carolina Chain was featured in Quiltmakers Magazine. This quilt uses 2" chains with the dark chains running horizontally and the light chains vertically.

 Bonnie is also the creator of the Leaders and Enders technique that involves piecing one quilt while focusing on another. Her Winston Ways was started as a Leader and Ender while at a retreat. She strip pieced in short sets, then subcut in pairs.

 Bonnie presented two workshops hosted by our Ninigret Guild and our sister guild, the Narragansett Bay Quilters. The first featured her Narragansett Blues pattern, inspired by Hurricane Sandy hitting our area soon after Bonnie's last visit in 2012. This is a great Leaders and Enders project. The neutrals work as the canvas for the blues, and the arrangement of the four patches draw the eye to the upper right, just as the sunlight on the water draws the eye to the horizon.

Pineapple Blossoms is a free pattern that is on Bonnie's website and was the subject of Bonnie's second workshop.  This version used 2" leftover jellyroll fabrics and 3.5" squares.

 Bonnie likes to go to resale shops and purchase old shirts for material. Her Moth in the Window features color stacked on color using her stash of shirting fabrics.

Bonnie also shared her current work in progress. As you can see two of the corners are complete.  She carries this in her busy bag to keep from otherwise wasting time while living life. As she says, these are the things that stay done!

Thank you Bonnie!

Show & Tell featured several quilts made from Bonnie Hunter patterns

Louise P made Patches and Pinwheels

Pineapple Blossom quilts were made by Barbara and Donna.  Sheila shared a 
quilt made for her by her Ninigret friends.

Barbara shared a Strip Quilt she began the last time Bonnie visited.

Star Struck was made up in different palettes by Donna and Ruth

Kathy made up Bonnie's Garlic Knot Pattern

Rose K has made quilts for the participants in the Honor Flights to DC. 
This quilt is for a Navy Veteran and features Navy themed fabric for the backing.

Sheila made a table runner for her niece in black and white.

Erin participated in a swap organized by evapaigequilts.com.

Thank you and Quilt On!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 2016 Meeting


Barb Vedder gave a lecture and trunk show entitled "My Life in Quilts". Barb got her first sewing machine at the age of 6 and created clothes for her Barbie and Troll dolls.  She encourages all quilters to make their own rules. She quoted Oscar Wilde who said, "Be yourself, everyone else is taken".

 Barb's first quilt was made for her son Andrew in 1989. She followed the pattern exactly, 
including searching for the exact fabrics suggested in the instructions.

 Six years later, Barb did a block of the month project for her daughter, Hanna.
Barb modified the pattern, changing a blue background to cream. This was the first time 
she modified a commercial pattern. She hand quilted it using a double diamond pattern.

 In 1990, Barb created this memorial quilt for her mother. This was the first time 
she used a sparrow motif. The sparrow has become her signature and is
included in most of her pieces.

 This quilt made for her daughter, Hanna, on her sixth birthday (6/6/99).
 This was the first piece Barb designed from start to finish.

 In 2006, Barb created this fabulous piece 
commemorating her favorite book. 

 This group EPP hexie piece was her 2010 project. Note, Barb usually takes 
a year to create a top and another year to hand quilt it.

 My Mother's Garden received a blue ribbon for applique at the
Lancaster Quilt Show in 2011.
This was a second memorial quilt in honor of her mother. It was
inspired by the centennial quilt made by G Knappenberger  in 1867.

This Lincoln tribute quilt was created to honor the sesquicentennial
of Lincoln's inauguration (1861-2011). It was machine quilted with silk thread.
  Barb bought an apple core template and used it
to make this Poisoned Apple quilt.

This quilt was inspired by Hurricane Sandy which occurred
at the end of October. Barb calls it Frankenstorm at Sea.

 This needle turned hand appliqued quilt features stuffed berries.
Barb designed it to celebrate her 50th birthday.
It won the prize for best hand quilting in the Vermont show this year.

This Hot Flash quilt used red as a neutral. It was 
hand appliqued and hand quilted .

 Barb's friend Mary gave her the original Alice Payne album quilt.
She based this creation on nine of the original folk art blocks..

 This log cabin quilt is based on a central four patch. 
These were part of a block swap.

 Barb teaches classes on Liberated Houses. The use of 
accommodating strips is key to making it work.

 This quilt was another swap project where friends 
each made a row of liberated houses.

 Barb runs two annual block swaps on her blog. 
This quilt shows the use of swapped nine patch blocks
using grey low volume prints.

 This companion swap project used nine patches and red solids.
Thank you Barb!

Show & Tell
 Donna made a Disappearing Nine Patch with a fur backing (below). 
This is her first completed Christmas 2016 gift.

Donna also completed a High School graduation gift 
for her niece Erin who is headed to Bridgewater State.

 Joyce S worked to repair this quilt made by the women of her husband's family in the 1940's and 1950's. They gave it to Joyce in the 1980's. It is now restored and gorgeous.
Note: it was machine quilted by Carol.

 Shirley T revitalized this 1930's quilt using 
raw edge applique and new green sashing.

 Watch out for that cane!
Barbara N taught Betsey W and Pat G to make bags
using clothesline wrapped in 1.5" fabric strips.

 Betsey's granddaughter Abigail gave her a stack of fat quarters for Christmas. 
Great gift!
 Barbara N left her flower garden when she moved. She took a bouquet of
September blooms into Evie and Mary's quilt shop. They matched batiks
to the blooms. Barb's favorite garden will live on in this lovely quilt.

 Pat G has been working on her cracker quilt every time she had
a chance to do some hand quilting.  The pattern creates a two sided finished quilt.

 Carolyn took a Ninigret Workshop in 1995. 
This is her Stack and Whack Quilt.

 Pat H had fun with this great Flying Geese quilt.

 Erin made these quilts for two 24 week baby girls. 
American Patchwork and Quilting calls these Birthday Cakes or Chandeliers.

Tina C participated in an ombre fabric swap.
She made this lovely mini flying geese piece and
used her class with Angela Walters to
incorporate some new machine quilting patterns. 

 Tina also made this EPP hand-pieced quilt using the Lucy Boston
"Patchwork of the Crosses" pattern. She machine quilted it
using more designs inspired by Angela Walters.

Thank you and Quilt On!