Ninigret Quilters is an organization for quilters of all abilities in the Rhode Island and southeastern Connecticut area. We meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the Westerly Senior Center, 39 State Street, Westerly, Rhode Island (Google Maps) to share our common passion of quilting. Guests and new members are always welcome!

Friday, November 17, 2017

November 2017

Our November meeting featured Judy Lancaster, a guest lecturer at Ryco in Lincoln.
Judy taught 4th grade for 31 years and brought ten bags of quilts, each featuring a different set of techniques. Several of these techniques are highlighted in her class schedule at Ryco.

This paper pieced quilt was from Ruth McDowell's book When Quilters Gather.

An Australian Quilting Magazine featured this Paper Pieced Swirl. 

Square Peg in a Round Hole taught Judy to sew next to her paper piece
 pattern rather than sew through the paper and have to 
remove all those little pieces.

The second bag featured flowers. This initial hydrangea was a pattern 
from Keepsake Quilting. Each flower petal was cut out separately and 
glue fused in the center to create a 3-D effect.

One of Judy's current classes features this technique in this flower vase project. The quilted background effect was achieved by using a Matellaise fabric which is pre-quilted. The 'table' effect was achieved by affixing a piece of lace to the background.

Judy's next bag featured Fabric and Thread painting. 
 Judy took classes from Christine Fries Ureel
at Keepsake Quilting in New Hampshire.

This is Judy's version of Christine's most 
well known work - Miranda The Tempest.

 Judy now teaches a simplified version of this as a class at Ryco.

This is one of Judy's favorite works and hangs in her home.  
Pine Trees on the Mountain.
This class is often featured at Ryco.

 Judy's next bag featured the 10ยบ ruler. 
One of her students said sewing this Spicy Swirl together 
was a zen-like experience.

Chained Melody is from a book called 
Quilts without Corners by Cheryl Phillips and uses the same ruler.

This quilt for Judy's great nephew upon completion of his 
Eagle Scout project was based on this technique.

Carol Nartowicz’s Teach Yourself Cut & Fold Quilting is the 
basis of the workshop Judy is teaching for Ninigret Quilters.

A cut n fold sampler quilt.

Judy had a lot of fun with Bargello quilts and now uses this as a class.

This Earth & Sky quilts combines three different blocks. 
Dependent upon the assembly, students can make several quilt designs.

Judy's tree quilt bag has some really neat quilts in it. 
One of her (and my) favorites was Cabin in the Woods.

Another of Judy's classes features birch trees in all their glory.

This paneled quilt features the same scene seen through the different seasons.

Judy's last bag featured her favorite quilts.  This life history bookcase quilt was based on one Judy saw at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Oregon. The books chronicle the events of Judy's married life. The upper left book is 'Once upon a Time' and the lower right is 'Happily Ever After'.  Fabulous!
I've included some close up shots of Judy's bookcase quilt. 

This Water Garden quilt honors the beautiful water garden 
Judy's husband created in their backyard upon his retirement. 

Lastly, the Labryinth Walk from Christopher Florence is on the 2018 schedule at Ryco.

Thank you for a wonderful lecture Judy!

Show & Tell

Barbara B started us off with her submission to the Paducah National Quilt Museum.  This challenge specified using unusual materials. Barbara was one of the finalists with this quilt using Budweiser beer cans, metal wire and screening material.  It is titled Not Your Grandmothers Drunken Path.

Catherine D showed two of the tops she worked on during last weeks Quilt In.  
These feature the half square triangle blocks she works on by hand while traveling.

Very different looks come out of arranging the blocks in varying ways.

Emily K displayed her log cabin quilt featuring material from 
the curtains from their first house. 
14 buttons will be added to the centers of each block.

Margaret T combined 400 2" squares to create this over/under woven quilt
as a Christmas gift for a friend.

And a tote bag to gift it in! 

Barbara C played with her new Go-Cutter 
and 'other peoples fabrics' to create this hanging.

Margaret S took the recent Dresden Neighborhood workshop and made this fun village.

Betsey W crafted a sewing machine case.


Carolyn S made this from her stash as part of her Church program
to provide quilts to ill parishioners.

Fran W made her Dresden Neighborhood in a color wheel.

While Fran was in Maui, she bought this fabric and pattern and
made a memento of a wonderful trip.

Cindy made this star quilt ten years ago, 
she had it machine quilted at Sew Debbie in Groton.

Pat G designed this Totoro baby quilt upon request from a daughter's friend.
Totoro is a Japanese anime character whose popularity in Japan
is akin to Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse in the US.

Tora S made this Habitat for Humanity top at the Sew-In.

Steven displayed this quilt that he and wife Brenda made for their son Alex who likes green!

See you next month at the Pot Luck!
Only 23 months till our next Quilt Show!!